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14 June 2007 @ 03:27 am
Yes, very late, we know.

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13 June 2007 @ 10:30 am
So, like I said. We need a new banner making queue so that reassignments can be made.

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13 June 2007 @ 09:47 am
The voting poll for Week #66, Leaders/Arashi will have to wait until this evening, I'm afraid. The computer crashed just as I was getting everything settled for posting and the jaguar is the one who set the chart base all up for me before she toddled off to bed.

Banners. Well, to be honest, we had a banner maker or two quit without finishing the banners they'd been scheduled for, some people have just vanished or left iconing completely, and our queue has been all messed up. I think we're going to have to revamp it and reassign past weeks that got left undone.

For now, results. Grr... I'm sure Sel wants them in seperate posts. >_> Dang it. Oh well. She's just going to have to live with it this time.

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27 April 2007 @ 08:44 pm

Polls and challenges are all closed and I will have the results/voting posts up by the end of weekend.

I'd do them now, but 1 - I'm running out to work and 2 - I'm waiting on a resubmission from someone because of an error.

There will be no new challenge for a couple of weeks because we are moving. Once we're up and running again, then we'll get back into cycle.
22 April 2007 @ 03:58 pm
I don't often even bother to pretend I'm a mod in anything other than name only, but in light of the time...

spinshadow has been very sick for the last month. She almost sort of got better for a few days - just long enough for SakuraCon - only to end up worse than before.

If you have any icons to submit for Week #66 : Leaders/Arashi - (still Leaders), now is your chance to do so. For those unaware, Ohno Satoshi - pictured in my icon - is the leader of Arashi.

Likewise, if you have not voted for Week #65 : Glasses/Gazette (still Glasses), do so now.

If Sel is not feeling up to dealing with those or the new challenge by tomorrow night, I will be dealing with them myself.


~Your Silent not quite Co-Mod

EDIT: *smacks head* and that just shows you that I'm not really a mod. I had no idea that the results for Week #64 hadn't been posted yet. Thank you to those who pointed it out. I will post those as well!
30 March 2007 @ 05:49 am
Still feel like I'm going to cough up a lung, but if I don't get this started soon, there's going to be two of them waiting for me. Sorry for the delay, kittens, being sick and yet still having to work will do that to you. :p

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30 March 2007 @ 03:03 am
Sort of a last minute reminder to submit your LEADERS icons. If you're trying to be more creative and not using a bandleader in your base, then please include a defense? It makes things easier, trust me. If you're making ARASHI icons, they still need to fit the week's theme.

So this week's submission format is:
url: [url of icon]
artist: [name of artist in icon]
(optional) defense/reasoning: [more creative 'leaders' interpretation]

While the last line is optional, icons that aren't submitted this way aren't going into the voting. We have a submission form for a reason and it's really not that hard to use, so please do use it.
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25 March 2007 @ 02:38 am
As I mentioned at the beginning of the week, since things got so out of hand, there's some overlap (and I'm still mulling over the best way to synchromesh my schedule and our posting schedule here). In other words, the submission post for this week! And your theme is LEADERS. The leader of the band gets his heyday this week, since it's all about him (or her!). What you do with the icon is up to you as long as it features a leader or some leadership quality. Yes that does indeed mean that, if you can come up with a creative alternative, your icon does not, in fact, have to feature the bandleader.

This week you may submit up to five (5) leadership icons, either all together or across the week. All icons are due by 10pm PDT Friday, March 30th. Also, as part of Artist Appreciation Month, this week's featured artist is Arashi. Icons are not required to feature Arashi, but those that do will be eligible for the special voting spot at the end of the week.

Submission format is, as per usual:

url: http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b334/ikonograffiti/icons/aki_tinytextheart.jpg
featuring: Aki [SID]
Sorry, don't have any Arashi icons for the sample this week. >_>
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25 March 2007 @ 02:23 am
stupid germs...anyway, this is your 'you still have a little less than twenty hours!' notice post to get you kittens to submit your GLASSES icons! Only seven have been submitted so far, and while that's not terrible, it's not terribly encouraging, either.
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19 March 2007 @ 10:42 pm
I kept meaning to get this up before now, but first it was sleep and then it was ... stuff. ANYWAY! It's here now, so ...something. Your challenge theme for this week is ... GLASSES. Sunglasses, a set of wine glasses, reading glasses, those big doofy oversized sunshades or the fake nose-and-glasses certain artists have been known to sport. Or if you have some other interpretation, that's fine too!

Between being late and knowing my own habits, your six (6) icons are due by 10pm PDT, SUNDAY 25 March. Yes, we keep getting later with these. Actually, what this really means is there will be crossover and for a short period, two challenges will be open at once. ALSO, as part of Artist Appreciation Month, your featured artist is the GazettE (aka ガゼット). Icons are not required to feature Gazette, but those that do will be eligible for the special voting spot at the end of the week. Although considering how popular Gazette usually is around here, I don't expect this to really be a problem.

Submission format:

url: http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b334/ikonograffiti/icons/aoi_nomiracle.jpg
featuring: Aoi [the GazettE]
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19 March 2007 @ 07:59 am
Yes, late. Hormones. And out of order for how I usually deal with things this late, but someone was being pushy.

Usual voting rules apply - 4 top icons plus Most Creative. Feel free to encourage others to vote, just don't go mentioning which icon(s) is/are yours.

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16 March 2007 @ 11:44 am
Hey, look, it's Friday already. You know what that means? This is your reminder to submit your LIGHT icons! We have a whole five right now. Sad, isn't it? And none of them are of our Artist of the Week, w-inds., which is almost sadder. So go forth and make me some more icons!

Also! If you haven't voted yet for week #63, please go do that now.
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13 March 2007 @ 05:09 am
Sorry, I sort of forgot to actually post the results after calculating them. >_> XD;;

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Congrats, kittens! Banners for this week are to be made by oreana_rose
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13 March 2007 @ 02:13 am
The part that always takes the longest. Usual voting rules apply - 4 top icons plus Most Creative. Feel free to encourage others to vote, just don't go mentioning which icon(s) is/are yours.

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12 March 2007 @ 04:41 am
Before someone asks, voting and last week's results will be posted this evening, barring unforseen circumstances.

This week your challenge theme is LIGHT. How you achieve that is entirely up to you. The play of light and shadow, the use of special lighting effects, the creative use of text. It could be something in the base or something you add, the possibilities are endless and this theme really is wide open to interpretation.

Additionally, as part of Artist Appreciation Month, the highlighted artist of the week is w-inds. Just as last week, you don't have to make icons of the w-inds. members, but if you do, they'll be eligible for the special award spot at the end of the week.

Because I'm running behind with this (hmm, yes, possible schedule change on the horizon), again this week you are allowed both six (6) and submissions will be held open until 10pm PDT, SATURDAY, March 17th. Submission form is, as per usual:

url: http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b334/ikonograffiti/icons/sakito_honorkanji.jpg
artist: Sakito [Nightmare]
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09 March 2007 @ 07:41 pm
A bit late for a mid-week reminder, so let's call it a last minute reminder! You still have an entire day left to submit your MOTION icons. We've only had three so far, which is kinda sad since all of you are allowed to submit as many as six.

Also! Remember that this week our featured artist is NIGHTMARE (or Sendai Komatsu, since they're secretly the same band), so send in your icons featuring Nightmare!
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05 March 2007 @ 06:40 am
The part that always takes the longest. Usual voting rules apply - 4 top icons plus Most Creative. Feel free to encourage others to vote, just don't go mentioning which icon(s) is/are yours.

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05 March 2007 @ 06:26 am
I got started on this hours ago...two crashes later, I sort of forgot. >_> Oops?

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Congrats to our winners. Banner making duty goes to nemkess
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04 March 2007 @ 08:04 pm
This week's challenge is going to be a little tricky, since the theme is MOTION and yet this is a still comm. In other words, your challenge is to convey a sense of movement without resorting to animation. A captured dance move, picture-in-picture, whatever you think will meet the challenge.

Additionally, as part of Artist Appreciation Month, the highlighted artist for this week is NIGHTMARE. You don't have to make icons of Nightmare, but if you do, those icons will be eligible for the special award spot at the end of the week.

Because this is a somewhat more difficult challenge than usual, this week you are allowed up to six (6) icons. Additionally, submissions will be open until 10pm PST, Saturday, March 10th. Submission form is, as per usual:

url: http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b334/ikonograffiti/icons/hitsugi_greysky.jpg
artist: Hitsugi [Nightmare]
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01 March 2007 @ 07:57 am
Thursday already, which means you're running out of time to enter~ Just two days left to submit your My Scene - Japan icons. You're allowed up to five this week and considering the only real stricture is that the artist be releasing in Japan, I should think we could get rather a lot more icons submitted~ :p

And as long as I'm reminding you of things, don't forget to vote! Both for Artist Appreciation Month and for Week #61: Water, the latter of which is currently enjoying the dubious pleasure of a 9-way tie.
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28 February 2007 @ 07:51 pm
Come and get 'em
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27 February 2007 @ 02:41 am
Usual rules and procedures apply. Choose four plus most creative. Voting will be open until Saturday evening.

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26 February 2007 @ 10:54 pm
Two birds with one post!

results for Week #59: FanserviceCollapse )

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Congrats to the winners. Banners for Week #59 to be made by faye_faye234, banners for Week #60 to be made by theshiz.
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26 February 2007 @ 06:51 am
Yeah, I know, March starts on Thursday. Monday snuck up on me, okay? :p

So here's how it's going to work. Below the cut are all the nominees who survived the first step. As a comment to this post, vote for the four you want, in order of who you most want to see getting some special attention. Voting will be open until Saturday, when I start the Artist Appreciation Month in earnest. Anyone can vote in this, even if you've never submitted an icon for us before in your life~

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