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22 April 2007 @ 03:58 pm
I don't often even bother to pretend I'm a mod in anything other than name only, but in light of the time...

spinshadow has been very sick for the last month. She almost sort of got better for a few days - just long enough for SakuraCon - only to end up worse than before.

If you have any icons to submit for Week #66 : Leaders/Arashi - (still Leaders), now is your chance to do so. For those unaware, Ohno Satoshi - pictured in my icon - is the leader of Arashi.

Likewise, if you have not voted for Week #65 : Glasses/Gazette (still Glasses), do so now.

If Sel is not feeling up to dealing with those or the new challenge by tomorrow night, I will be dealing with them myself.


~Your Silent not quite Co-Mod

EDIT: *smacks head* and that just shows you that I'm not really a mod. I had no idea that the results for Week #64 hadn't been posted yet. Thank you to those who pointed it out. I will post those as well!