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Asian Music Stillness

v. 1.3 - Taste of Desire

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Asian Music Stillness, v1.23 - Taste of Desire (ft. Aoi of Gazette)

Welcome to am_stillness! It's your talent, we're just giving it a direction.

Every Monday, a challenge theme is posted. Icons are accepted in screened comments to the challenge post until 10pm PT Friday. Voting will be open until 5pm PT Sunday. Winners will be posted for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, Most Creative and Mod's Choice.

Voting is open to everyone, so even if you don't make icons, you can still pick your favourites.

Your moderator is:

I firmly believe that you get back what you put out into the world. I believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt and will do my level best to treat each and every one of our members with the respect s/he deserves. Whether it's a new rule or calling attention to an old one, respect will be the order of the day with all Admin posts. Disrespect me, however, and I will not be pleased.

1. Submitted icons must fit the theme. Whether it's a word theme, lyric set, or specific image challenge. Subject artists may be from any asian country, any genre.
2. Icons must be stills. In other words, no animation of any sort. No mini-movies, no scratches, no twinkles, nothing.
3. No cheating. No stealing other people's icons, no sharing your contest icon ahead of time, no voting for yourself, no rallying other people to vote for you. Cheat and your icon will be disqualified. Cheat repeatedly, and you will be removed from the community.
4. Icons submitted past deadline will not be accepted. I will try very hard to have themes posted by ~3am PT Saturday to give you the most time. Anything that comes in after 10pm PT Friday won't be added to the poll, simple as that.
5. You are allowed four icons per theme, unless otherwise noted. It seems to be our stand-out quality and I can't think of any good reason not to make the official change, so ... the default setting is now four icons per iconist, unless I specifically state otherwise. Please be aware that any icons submitted beyond the allowed number will get all icons by that maker disqualified, so just don't do it.
6. There is NO ... #6. There never is.
7. Use the Shout Out entry. Have a burning question for the mod? Want to affiliate with us? Need to report someone acting like a monkey-butted ass in comments? If you can't catch Selah on IM (and that's surprisingly likely), use the Shout Out entry to let her know and she'll get back to you when she can. If it's been more than 24 hours with no notice of vacation, then go ahead and persue other avenues of getting her attention.

Submission schedule:
~3amPT Saturday - 10pm PT Friday

Icons should be submitted to the theme post. Comments are automatically screened to preserve the contest. Please use the following format - icon, URL, and artist (with band)

URL: http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b334/ikonograffiti/icons/jrock_hakuei-redrose.jpg
Artist: Hakuei (PENICILLIN, machine)

Members will vote for four (and only four) icons not their own from the week's submissions, as well as selecting a Most Creative icon. After the poll closes, the top four icons (or more if there is a tie) will be announced along with Most Creative and Mod's Choice.

While the moderator may or may not submit, she will not vote in the general poll - that's why there's a Mod's Choice. As a result, the Mod's Choice icon may be a winning icon or it may be one that was left behind.

Affiliates: (Want to affiliate with us? Contact Selah.)
The Root Beer Federation @ lj.com4 Seasons of Love @ lj.com
Arc of the Moon @ lj.comalicenine. Stillness
Miyavi Icontest @ lj.com
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icon resources: 100x100_brushes, icon_extras, icon_textures
scans: jrock_scans

Link to us:

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